A Week Without My Phone

I don’t think they had phones in mind when they coined the phrase, you don’t know what you have until it is gone. It has rung true for me this past week while my phone has been away for repair. A week without my phone has felt a lot longer!

While getting the kids into the car after visiting Eureka, my phone fell from the seat onto the gravel. Needless to say, the stones won and my screen was broken. Not only did the glass crack but part of the screen is was black. So off it went to be repaired. So glad I had insurance, as a screen repair for a Samsung S10+ is £259, but it had to be sent for repair and not repaired locally.

Broken Screen on S10+ causing a week without a phone
Stones 1 – Phone 0

More than just communication – What I realised when I went a week without my phone

I realised how infrequent I phone or text people, my phone is more my pocket computer. I have a laptop and a tablet but I do so much of everything on my phone and I didn’t realise just how much until it was away for repair.

Jumping in the car, the first thing I do is plug my phone in for my satnav and music. I tend to leave my purse at home when picking something up at the shops cause I pay by Google Pay. It is my alarm clock, my calendar, and my reminders. Relying on it for access to banking, email and social media.

I have really missed not having a camera always to hand. Not being able to capture those, in the moment snaps and videos. So my sharing on Instagram has also been put on hold.

I have felt so disorganised without my phone. A new screen protector has arrived. I’m expecting my phone to be delivered back to me today with a shiny new screen. Fingers crossed it will be my first and only time I have a broken screen.

You see those posts on facebook that ask would you survive without your mobile phone? Yes, I would but wouldn’t want to. I would forget things, get lost driving and miss capturing so many moments.

When the phone turns up at my door, it is going straight back in its case and a new screen protector installed!

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