Can the iPhone X tempt me to switch?

iPhone X

When you speak to anyone about phones or tablets, majority of people are either firmly sat in the Android or the Apple camp. I am avid user of Android and nothing had changed my mind. So when Three gave me the opportunity to loan and test out a iPhone X, I wanted to see if it could change my mind.

So Can the iPhone X tempt me over to Apple?

I have a Samsung Note 8, and like most people, being able to take photos, check my social media and keep in touch with family and friends is what I need in a phone. So with the iPhone X and the Note 8 on paper having similar specs it would make a good comparison.

1 . Performance and Battery life

Using social media apps, YouTube and browsing , there wasn’t any noticeable difference between the two phones. Maybe milliseconds but not enough to make a difference in my opinion. The battery was good on both phones but the Note 8 just came out on top but again not by much.

2. Usability

Both keyboards were easy to type, although the bigger screen on the Note 8 made it easier to type. In both the camera was easy to access, although I did experience the weird glitch on the iPhone where the camera rotated sideways. This meant I needed to restart the phone. Apps were easy to find and both App stores have their own quirks and layout . The Apple store only has approved apps though so tends to be more secure.

3. Camera

Both cameras have the same specs, so in theory should produce similar photos. The photos taken with the
iPhone produced deeper, richer colour than the Note 8, thanks to the Apple software. Both here crisp and clear photos however there was a noticeable difference when I took both along when we went pumpkin picking, The colours of the pumpkins in the photo was amazing.

4. Security

Although I tried the face recognition on the iPhone, I experienced a few times it didn’t recognise me. This could be due to glasses change or not wearing them. I did miss having a fingerprint sensor. The Note 8 doesn’t offer face recognition but has a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, which although I like it being on the back it is so easy to finger smudge the camera.

5. Family

The iPhone was not very easy to lock down if handing your phone to your child for a few minutes without installing an app. Where the Note was able to use the Android feature to lock the phone to an app.

Was it enough to convert me to Apple ?

The phone was good but no. The feel and look of the iPhone was stylish but both phones look great, have good specs and a battery you don’t feel like your always looking for a charger. I did love the photos that were taken on the iPhone, however I did notice photos taken with the iPhone where hard to access on other non apple devices. I couldn’t view the photos any other product unless it was my PC, whereas Google Drive was accessible on the iPhone.

The other clincher for me was the limitations of no expandable memory, headphone jack and a non standard charger. The Note 8 has both expandable memory, headphone jack and the standard USB C charger.

Maybe the next iPhone might be able to tempt me, but not quite yet. If you already use Apple products, this has to be the best iPhone I have tested.

I was loaned a IPhone X from Three to do this comparison, as always all opinions are my own.

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