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Wanting to share your thoughts and options online sounds straightforward. Then the options start, from going with a free blog, hosted blog or self-hosted. Understanding how to keep your site safe and secure and getting your blog to looking the way you want. To help you on your way I have compiled these blogger files.

The aim is to help demystify terms and giving you information to make sure you are informed when making choices. Also, hints and tips to make sure your blog is running as smoothly as possible. So you can just write.

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PHP Version 5 What does it all mean?

One of the appeals of WordPress is you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to share your thoughts, ideas or services.  So when articles with headlines like “Using PHP 5 becomes dangerous in 2 months” pops into your inbox or news-feed it can cause a bit of a concern.

Over the last week I’ve  been asked a few times to explain what it means and if they should be concerned. So below I have explained what PHP is, what the headlines refer to and what you need to do.


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