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Kids are growing up in a world entwined by technology.  It is in our homes, schools, workplaces and when we are out and about.  Kids tech is everywhere, and most want to play with phones and tablets from a very young age.

Technology also brings educational benefits to kids. With apps that help with core subjects and even ones that get them out and about exploring the outdoors.

More and more toys are coming with apps to enhance play and learning, but it is not just the new toys, there are ways to bring a different type of play to the toys you and I remember growing up. Here I have explored the benefits and pitfalls of kids tech.

5 STEM Apps for Kids – Mixing Fun With Education

Tablets and phones can be a source of education and fun, but trying to find good stem apps for kids can be a bit hit and miss. I have lost count of the number of apps I have downloaded to check them out before letting the kids play. So many of the apps available have adverts and in-app purchasing which can expose children to inappropriate content or limit gameplay.

Here at MeBeGeek HQ ( A.K.A our home.) We have tried many apps and seen which ones really had the fun factor for the kids. Here is our top 5 which really promote STEM and ones the kids have gone back to time and time again ( and maybe me too.)


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6 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

My 2 year old can navigate around a tablet or a phone with ease .  When I was growing up, it wasn’t until secondary school that I was really introduced to the world of computing. You would have to go to a library or school to have access to any sort of internet.

Today computer programming is integrated into most aspects of our lives, at work, school, home and out and about. Long gone are the days that programmers where seen as nerds (I fell into that stereotype at one time). Now coding is encouraged  with even t.v ads and seen as cool. Learning to code has so many benefits, here is 6 reasons why kids should learn to code.


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